Yoga and Mindfulness
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Here are a few yogis explaining why they practice with me in a class setting and the benefits of one on one sessions.

” When I leave Alex’s class I always feel better both physically and mentally.  Alex tunes into the needs of her students, adjusting her practice to just the right blend of stretching, strengthening and mediation to satisfy body and soul.  She is the only yoga teacher I’ve known that I can count on to leave me feeling better and stronger every yoga session.” Susan


” I love practicing Yoga with Alex! I enjoy how we start with a small meditation.  It helps me to focus on my yoga practice intention. The yoga practice itself has helped me with my balance and flexibility.” Marie


“After trying several yoga studios and classes in the neighborhood, I’ve come to realize none of them offer the focus on mindfulness, flexibility, and strength that Alex combines in her practice. I feel stronger and more fit as a result of practicing regularly with her.” Denyse


“Starting yoga with Alex was something new for me. I was never had done yoga. I was a person that believed in pounding it out on a treadmill. But when I started, I began to realize what a gift Alex has. She guides you through asanas that help strengthen and lengthen, while quieting your mind. I never thought something like that could be possible. Alex is an incredible yoga instructor and a gem of a guide through the yoga and mindfulness world. Dr. Sepehri


202 360-7166