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Alex Stavitsky-Zeineddin

Why I Teach Yoga and Meditation

I was introduced to meditation and biofeedback years ago in college by my mother, a PhD nurse/professor who used these modalities in her clinical work with patients.

I learned how to use visualization as a way to help me get through stressful times.

I forgot about these practices as I turned to a career in journalism, which took me overseas for about 10 years, which included covering elections, political issues and conflicts in Europe, Africa, Central Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Spending years of my life reporting and producing news stories in dangerous environments, left physical and mental scars. Though I was never diagnosed with PTSD, I know that years of working under these conditions-often surrounded by shelling, sniping, and the unpredictability of each day for me and others- did affect me.

As a former competitive runner and athlete, I turned to running again, years later, as a way to feel better physically and mentally. I started having injuries due to too much training and found yoga as a way to initially “stretch”.

Practicing yoga connected me to my body, made me aware of where I was strong and balanced, and where I also needed to focus my attention to heal my nervous system and pain. After 6 years of taking yoga classes, I decided to study yoga to learn how this ancient practice works.

This training was life changing. Through daily asana practice and weekly sessions with my yoga teacher, I learned the 8 limbs of yoga. I also learned about the medical research with outcomes that support the many benefits practicing yoga and meditation have on one’s physical and mental health.

I am drawn to teach yoga and meditation to support people of all ages, including those that have PTSD and other health issues, to become balanced, stronger mentally and physically. 

I  am also currently studying meditative practices,  a 160 hr accredited program at the Mindfulness Center and incorporating more meditation into my yoga classes.

My classes are geared to adults, teens, athletes, and the above 50’s – really anyone who wants to learning how to improve balance, strength, and flexibility- both on and off the mat.

I also have private clients who are interested in individual practices geared for their personal physical and mental development. I look forward to expanding classes to businesses and non-profits that want to incorporate wellness programs for their employees.

It brings me great joy to see how people evolve by practicing yoga and meditation.


Alex Stavitsky-Zeineddin

200 RYT Yoga Alliance certified instructor


Reiki, Level 2 (Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki)

BA, International Relations, Mount Holyoke College

Graduate studies in Journalism, New York University

420 Main St., 2nd floor, Gaithersburg, MD 20878
202 360-7166